Rallying The Troops on Factory Street

Rallying The Troops on Factory Street
Good Weather Forecast for Tuesday

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You and Good Bye from the Campaign Blog

   Over the past several weeks, I have communicated through two blogs, including this one reserved for campaign news.
    The campaign is over and I appreciate the time you have spent following all we have done.  Today we await the verdict of voters and there is little more to be said...In fact, on this blog there is nothing more to be said, other than a sincere and heartfelt thank you to those who have supported me and helped me.
     I ask for your vote on Tuesday and invite you to Fort Pearl, 557 Pearl Street, for election night festivities and celebration.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still a Chance to Vote Absentee If You Will Be Out of the Loop Tuesday

      If you are unable to make it to the polls Tuesday for whatever reason, don't lose your franchise.
      You can still stop at the Board of Elections on Monday and fill out an absentee ballot. Its on the fourth floor of the County building on Arsenal Street.
       Polls are open at 6AM Tuesday and close at 9PM.
       An expected 4500 hundred city residents will cast ballots Tuesday to elect not just a mayor, but two city council members, a city judge, county legislators and four members of NYS Supreme Court.
        Please take the time to take part.

Newzjunky: We Are Family...City And Its People Are My Family

A festive and fun day on the trail Saturday as the campaign formally wrapped up for me. Today I am concentrating on watching the JETS play the Bills. Thanks to Councilwomen Burns and Macaluso for joining me on my walk across town and a special thanks to Supreme Court candidate Erin Gall for coming up from Oneida County to join us as well.
The issue of family has come up and with my usual eye towards history, I have been musing of late about the awesome sense of community and extended family in Pittsburgh during the 1979 championship season for the Pirates. It was epitomized by the Sister Sledge song "We Are Family."
So let that song and that moment be my answer to the matter.
I also want to thank the many others who supported my campaign with their dollars, their advice and their kind words. At its best a campaign forces the bond between the candidate and the people and this year's effort has certainly done that.
Councilwomen Burns, Macaluso Join Graham on Campaign Trail

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The End Game is Here

   The final push is on...I see my opponent was doing door hangars with polling place designations, while my side did another mailing and Saturday's walk about town.
    I also have a new banner ad on Newzjunky, but what's not part of this campaign is broadcast advertising.
    Neither candidate has gone up on air as far as I can see.
    Its tough because TV is expensive and there is a lot of wasted circulation for such a localized race......
     In any event, our side is done spending. If you want to help with the final bills, we do need to raise $700 to cover them all.  You can make checks to Graham for Mayor, Box 673, Watertown.

Rallying the Troops With the Help of Erin Gall

     Perfect Weather....and great company as the Graham for Mayor campaign took to the streets today and I was joined by Supreme Court candidate Erin Gall.
     Everyone loved Erin and she was universally recognized from her TV spots...Erin Gall is someone who is bright and cares about people...I could see that today and she deserves your vote on Tuesday.
     As for me, I met a couple with a pair of Airedales on Washingston Street and it reminded me of Penelope who died  a couple of years back.
     Today's walk was good politics and lots more as I was joined by Councilwoman Burns and Macaluso. We visited Mo's Diner and the Historical Society....A good time was had by all !

Early Start on Last Saturday.......

     Wow, the frost was on the pumpkin this AM as I trekked up to Starbuck Elementary to greet some tree planting volunteers. Whenever possible, I like to take the time to acknowledge the work these folks do.
      I got a call from Erin Gall who says she is joining our walk today for a bit as she tries to win a judicial seat.
      There is not a lot of heavy duty campaigning today, but it should be a fun day.

End of the Road is Here

      Final campaign event today as we do a walk across town, starting on Pearl Street at 1130...heading to Public Square and proceeding south on Washington Street to Karen and Jasper's Bistro in the plaza.
      I am hoping to run into some other candidates out doing the same and maybe do a bit of door to door and use up the handfull of hand outs I have left...
      That will about wrap up the retail effort of the campaign other than some GOTV effort Monday and Tuesday.
       This has been a vigorous campaign against a formidable, funded opponent.
        Sunday I am watching football.